UK Wildlife Walks & Tours

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Walks & Tours Calendar – for details see further down. It is highly likely that more day walks will be added regularly – please check regularly

March  31 (Naturetrek Colne)

April 03, 07, 21, 30 (Naturetrek Naze); 10, 12 (WildWivenhoe); 13 (#BringingingNatureToYOU Brightlingsea); 14 (Greenwings Sandlings); 16, 26 (Naturetrek Colne)

May 05, 08, 14 (Naturetrek Naze); 11, 18, 31(Naturetrek Colne); 15, 17 (WildWivenhoe); 24-28 (Honeyguide Wild Essex)

June 04 (WildBrightlingsea); 13,14 (WildWivenhoe); 16, 22, 28 (Naturetrek Hockley); 25 (WildBrightlingsea)

July  01 (BringingNatureToYou, Wivenhoe); 06 (Naturetrek Colne); 12 (WildWivenhoe); 17 (Beth Chatto Insects); 26 (Naturetrek Naze)

August 02, 24 (Naturetrek Colne); 07 (WildWivenhoe); 08 (BringingNatureToYou,  Wivenhoe); 11 (WildStour); 17 (BringingNatureToYou, Wivenhoe); 18 (BringingNatureToYou, Chalkney); 20 (Naturetrek private); 26 (BringingNatureToYou, Romford)

September  24 (WildBrightlingsea); 25 (BNA Wivenhoe Park)

October 4-8 (Honeyguide Wild Essex); ;  23 (WildWivenhoe); 25 (Naturetrek private)

November 13 (Naturetrek Naze); 23 (Naturetrek Colne); 28 (Naturetrek private); 29 (WildWivenhoe, awayday @ the Naze)

December 11 (BringingNatureToYou, Naze)


January 01, 15, 17  (WildWivenhoe); 21 (Naturetrek Colne)

February 12 (Naturetrek Naze); 22 (WildStour)

March 07 (BringingNatureToYou, Naze); 25 (WildWivenhoe)

April 13 (Naturetrek private), 25 (WildWivenhoe)

May 28 (WildStour)

June 9 (WildStour); 18 (WildWivenhoe); 25 (BringingNatureToYou, Wivenhoe)


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For details of talks, which are not listed above, please see Talks tab.

The activities are grouped into the following themes:

#WildWivenhoe – our monthly, usually one or two-hour walks round Wivenhoe and elsewhere in North Essex (Brightlingsea, Mistley, Wrabness etc) aimed at interested local people. Please contact Jude on for further details and get on our mailing list. Cost £10pp for two-hour session

#WildWivenhoePlus – local walks with more focus on the ramble, instead of the amble. Please contact Jude on for further details and get on our mailing list. 

#WildWivenhoeAwaydays – as above, but infrequent, usually longer, explorations of places away from home. Please contact Jude on for further details and get on our mailing list.

Links to blog reports of Bug&Botany group walks and awaydays:

2021 April May June June(Bsea) June late June (Bsea) July September (Bsea) October

2020: January February(awayday) August September September(awayday)

2019: March April May June June(awayday)July August September October November

2018: April  May June  July  August  September October

#BringingNatureToYou – the offer of bespoke small parties, focussing on the things that interest the group or family, whenever and wherever (within reason!) we are asked to. All is negotiable! Two in Autumn 2020 were a couple of hours exploring the exciting bugs around the KGV (aimed at children) and a general introduction to wildlife of Lower Wivenhoe for a group of friends. Please contact Jude on for further details and get on our mailing list.

If a group of you would like the opportunity to explore nature on your doorstep, e.g. in your local woodland, park, nature trail or in your own garden we would love to  meet you there and see what we can find together!  We can cover the whole nature thing – from plants to invertebrates, birds to geology, not forgetting fungi and fossils – and can focus on whatever interests you the most.

These tailor-made events need not be restricted to Wivenhoe – we would happily visit anywhere within a reasonable distance.  Nor be restricted to the summer months –  there is lots to discover all the year round!

We have come up with the following pricing structure as a rough guide… 

Family (up to 2 adults plus up to 3 children) £15 per hour

Adults (up to 4, or more if Covid restrictions permit) £5 per person per hour (minimum £15).   

We would set and agree a fee at the outset.  Should  there be many miles to travel this may incur an additional cost.

How about a moth-trapping/bat-detecting evening in your garden (suggest £25 for a full evening plus morning ‘unveil’ – if appropriate).  May to September only.  Or help with planning a wildlife garden?   We could certainly come up with some suggestions to help you to this end.  Again, price to be agreed.

Should ‘Birds, birds, birds’ be your bag,  then we can thoroughly recommend the services of our friend and expert birder Glyn Evans.  We will forward any such requests directly to him.

This service is also being advertised to residents of the Wivenhoe House Hotel – see here

As and when mixing in enclosed spaces is again possible and advisable, we will continue to offer indoor talks, botanical identification (with keys), winter tree, and insect identification events…

#WildSideOfEssex – full day wildlife-watching walks around Wivenhoe and the Colne Estuary,  The Naze & the Walton Backwaters, and Hockley Woods with Naturetrek. These started in August 2021 and are likely to be a regular feature in the future according to demand.

Blogs of previous day walks:

2021: March/April (Colne) April(Naze) May(Naze) May(Colne)June(Hockley) July(Colne/Naze) August(Naze)

2020: August(Colne)   September (Colne)   October(Colne)   October(Naze)   December (Colne & Naze)

#WildSandlings – full day wildlife-watching walks in the southern Suffolk Sandlings. No specific plans for any of these in 2022 yet, but any could be arranged. The series planned for 2021 planned was as follows:

FEBRUARY: The Blasted Heath and the Wild North Sea APRIL: Spring steals in – Woodlarks singing at their best, spring flowers of the woods, and the first emerging insects JULY: High summer – heaths and shingle at their most flowery and insect-rich AUGUST: Heather at its best, insects everywhere OCTOBER: The year has turned full circle: Autumn colours on the heaths, (hopefully) fungi galore and arrival of the winter birds.

A Year in the south Suffolk Sandlings: The Blasted Heath & the Wild North Sea – Greenwings Wildlife Holidays

A Year in the south Suffolk Sandlings: Spring Steals In – Greenwings Wildlife Holidays

A Year in the south Suffolk Sandlings: Nightjar Time – Greenwings Wildlife Holidays

A Year in the south Suffolk Sandlings: High Summer – Greenwings Wildlife Holidays

A Year in the south Suffolk Sandlings: Heather at its Best – Greenwings Wildlife Holidays

A Year in the southern Suffolk Sandlings: Autumn Colours – Greenwings Wildlife Holidays

#BethChattoBugs&Beasties – following the successful June day event in 2021 we hope to run more at the garden in 2022 Getting to know your Garden Invertebrates– see for details and booking.

#WildEssex –  a North Essex wildlife extravaganza with Honeyguide, based around four nights at the Wivenhoe Park Hotel.

May WildEssex       Blog report and List

October WildEssex    Blog report and List


ARCHIVED EVENTS: if anything we have done previously is not part of our current offer and would interest you, please feel free to discuss with us! A few examples are given below….


Gardening with Wildlife in Mind is the one we have presented so far, before Covid intervened


Sessions in the classroom with pressed specimens, and in the field looking at winter twigs


A short series of classroom-based workshops looking into the inner workings of some of our local plants and learning how to identify them with the aid of keys and books.

Content: The first session will be a basic introduction to flower parts, nomenclature and classification.  We will show you different methods of identifying plants through visual / written keys of various sorts.  There will be a chance to work on a simple sample of flowers.  The second and third sessions will be in more detail, revising what was learnt in Week one and focusing on (Week two) Flowering plants and (Week three) Grasses, sedges, rushes, ferns, and it would be very advisable to attend Week One to get maximum out of Weeks two and / or three.


This year, we are hoping to complement Richard Allen’s popular Bird Walks in Wivenhoe (see with a series of Wildlife Walks, to focus on the botanical and entomological riches of the  area. 

Note that we will not be sending out details of these walks via the regular Wivenhoe Watching Wildlife mailing list. Jude will be maintaining the Botany & Bug Walk mailing list and handling bookings for the walks: if you would like to be on that mailing list please contact her on And please feel free to pass this onto anyone else who may be interested. 

Hoping to see some of you in the coming months…