Overseas Tours

The years 2020 and 2021 have been a challenging time for everyone. One of the main things of the ‘lost months’ has been a time for reflection, and a recognition that you never know quite what is round the corner. For me that has involved the realisation that I no longer want to be apart from Jude for weeks at a time. Combine that with the realisation that leading/driving on tours is by no means a holiday for the leader, and the urgent need to try and reduce our climate footprint by cutting down on air miles, I am feeling that now is the time largely to retire from leading overseas tours. But of course, one door opens as another closes, and the pandemic has seen great growth in the demand for wildlife tourism closer to home. That I do intend to continue, reserving overseas travel for holidays with Jude, especially by train: once we are safe and able to do so, ‘spreading our wings while staying on track‘. And other opportunities on our doorstep have arisen – in March 2021, I agreed readily to a request that I should ‘join the team’ at Beth Chatto Gardens as advocate on wildlife, conservation and sustainability matters. Ever onwards!


March 15-22 – Morocco : Honeyguide http://www.honeyguide.co.uk/wildlife-holidays/morocco.html


Below are links to the tour reports from some of the previous trips I have led, to give you an idea of what you might see, or might be missing!

MenorcaSpring 2018 Autumn 2016   Autumn 2015(recce)  Autumn 2013  Autumn 2012(recce) Spring 2011 Spring 2010 Spring 2009  Spring 2002  Spring 1998

Spanish PyreneesSummer 2019 Summer 2018  Spring 2018  Summer 2017   Summer 2016(Naturetrek)  Summer 2016(Honeyguide)  Summer 2015  Spring 2014   Spring 2013  Spring 2011  Spring 2008 Spring 2006 Spring 2004    Spring 2003  Spring 2001   Spring 1999  Spring 1996  Spring 1993

Bulgaria- Western RhodopesSummer 2018  Summer 2015    Summer 2014   Summer 2012

Southern Morocco – Spring 2019

Camargue – Spring 2019

HungarySpring 2017

French Pyrenees Autumn 2018  Summer 2007  Summer 2005    Summer 2004  Summer 2003

Italy & SloveniaSummer 2006   Summer 1997

Northern CyprusSpring 2008

Crete Spring 2012   Spring 2007    Spring 2005 (and bird list)

North-east GreeceSpring 2000

Romania – Danube Delta and the Carpathians  Summer 2009

MallorcaSpring 1995 (and species lists)


Others reports, not available online, can be accessed direct from me on request:

Cevennes Summer 2017 Summer 1993

Mount Olympus Summer 1991 Summer 1989 Summer 1988

Cyprus Spring 1994 Spring 1993 Spring 1992

Algarve Spring 1989

Brittany Summer 1994

Crete Spring 1992 Spring 1990 Spring 1989