Lockdown diary: #ReasonsToBeCheerful in #WildWivenhoe and elsewhere – June

Although the lockdown, for right or wrong, whether guided by scientific advice or economic considerations, is gradually being lifted, there are still ample reasons to celebrate the #ReasonsToBeCheerful….

Welcome to our fifth compilation of tweets and reflections, now Summer is here, in #WildWivenhoe (and increasingly a little further afield), highlighting our #NaturalHealthService.

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When I kicked off this thread in mid-March, the intention was to use and celebrate the natural world, our local natural world, as a beacon of hope in hard times. I hope that in some small way it has been successful: it certainly has for us, giving a focus to long days over a longer period than some may have anticipated at the outset.

Now that, for better or worse, the lockdown is being eased, I do not propose to continue this thread any further, unless and until any viral resurgence sends us into our wormholes of introspection once again. But of course anyone can hear about our wildlife adventures here and further afield by following me on Twitter, and by reading our blogs .

Thanks to all who have contributed to and commented upon this thread over the months. And let’s hope that as we enter a New Normal, the natural environment and the protection and enhancement thereof is elevated in importance in our hearts and minds.