The Beth Chatto Gardens: beyond the flowers…

A few days ago Prof. Jules Pretty in one of his delightful series of Tweets celebrating #TheEastCountry inspired the idea of the Trapdoor Day of Spring, that precious moment, usually between start of meteorological spring and the Equinox, when Spring changes from a worry (that it may still go horribly wrong) to an unstoppable promise.

Today was that day for us, in spite of the knowledge of the return of snow tomorrow. With the first flush of Spring – Snowdrop season – already fading, The Beth Chatto Gardens were simply delightful in the sunshine and warmth. And quite apart from the flowers, the insects and spiders were taking advantage – feeding, foraging and basking – a selection of which are below. No names; some beyond my skills to identify easily; but they don’t need names to gladden the heart. ‘Biodiversity without labels’ is still vital, for the world and for our mental health



But of course, I cannot sign off without a peek at some of the flowers….It’s on our doorstep, and a delight at any time of year!